Apartment Hotel Management

Administration · Local city tax · Paying bills · Bookkeeping · Purchase of furnitures · Estate inventory · Staff recruitment · Banking · Staff supervision, HR · 24/7 guests’ assistance · Web marketing · Apartment insurances and claims · Provide 24/7 emergency service

Pool care · Pressure washing pool decks · Carpenting / joiner services · Painting · Coating · Gardening · Pest control · Repair & Routine Maintenance

Massage · Hairdresser · Nails · Fitness instructor · Island excursions · Yacht rentals · Catamaran · Sailing · Windsurfing lessons · Kitesurfing · Diving · Snorkeling · Cooking classes · Private driver · Babysitting · Car rental · Buffet and special dinner party · Other activities

We can help you in promoting your apartment on the web. We can also feature your apartment on reservations websites. We also offer VIP airport greeting and driving guests to the hotel, show them around the property and make them feel comfortable.

We ensure everything necessary to make your Client book for the following years!

Rental Management Program

Sample Return on Investment*

If we take a sample of a hill based luxury 1-2 bedrooms apartment hotel we built, amounting between 2,500,000 - 6,950,000 THB the nightly rental prices - on avarage 60% occupancy - will be:

• Low Season 2000 THB
• High Season 2500 THB
• Peak Season 2800 THB
In Koh Samui, the minimum price range to rent a 1-2 bedrooms luxury apartment hotel per night are:

• Low Season: 26th April - 2nd July; 4th Sep - 16th Dec; (167 days) 2000 THB to 5000 THB per night.

• High Season: 7th Jan - 25th April; 3rd July - 3rd Sep; (179 days) 2500 THB to 5500 THB per night.

• Peak Season: 17th Dec - 6th Jan; (19 days) 2800 THB to 6500 THB per night


In 2014, the average rental our partners accomplished are 219/365 nights. (96/167 nights in low season, 106/179 in high season and 17/19 nights in peak season)

During the low season, you may earn 192,000 THB. For the high season you may earn 265,000 THB and during the Peak Season 47,600 THB.

Which gives a total income of 504,600 THB for the year.

If you choose our Nautilus Management Co. Ltd, Hotel Management option, we all together charge 50% of your annual income for the whole hotel management, which means that your benefits will roughly be 252,300 THB.

You will have your Return on Investment in about 10 years after the end of the construction.

Your profit will roughly be 9.9% of your investment before tax, per year.

Further more you have to calculate with growing exchange rate of THB and resale value of your appartment.


Season Nights booked
per year
Rental price
per night
Total (THB)
Low Season (167 Days) 96 2000 192,500
High Season (179 Days) 106 2500 265,000
Peak Season (19 Days) 17 2800 47,600
    Yearly Gross Benefit 504,600

* It’s only a sample not an official nor binding offer

Furniture package is not included in purchasing price, so developer calculate 8.000 Thb/sqm for the high standard furnitures. Sinking found, common area management fee must be paid by buyer to juristic person according regulation of apartment juristic person. Information provided is deemed accurate at time of publication. Images are subjected to artist's interpretation. The building's exterior and interior might be changed as appropriate. The information contained in the brochure is subjected to change as maybe approved by the authorities and cannot form part of an offer or contract. The developer company serves the right to change the project's details without prior notice.